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Low Home Appraisals Are Still A Problem

A couple of weeks ago, I posted an article about the dominance of refinances in the mortgage market (see here). This trend is likely to continue, at least for the near term, as housing values continue to delay, cancel, and … Continue reading

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3 Refinance Trends in 2012 – Likely to Continue

Remember the days of the ‘cash out refi’?  When homeowners eager to make a large purchase, consolidate debt, or splurge on a big vacation, would pull money (equity) out of their homes through a refinance. Those days seem to be … Continue reading

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Refinances Dominate Market

I read an interesting article this morning, about mortgage loan market share (I know, who really thinks that is interesting).  What struck me was the actual number of refis taking place vs. purchases. The current number is 81.2% of all mortgage … Continue reading

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To Refi or Not to Refi – Is that really the question?

With mortgage rates at or near all time lows, that question is being asked thousands of times each day. But a better question might be: Does it make financial sense to refinance right now? There are always a host of … Continue reading

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