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Low Home Appraisals Are Still A Problem

A couple of weeks ago, I posted an article about the dominance of refinances in the mortgage market (see here). This trend is likely to continue, at least for the near term, as housing values continue to delay, cancel, and … Continue reading

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What Are The 4 C’s of Mortgage Lending?

And you just thought the 4 C’s were for diamonds! The mortgage industry has it’s own version, and these 4 C’s determine whether or not there is a loan to be made. Since the financial meltdown a few years ago, … Continue reading

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Leave Your Credit Card Account Open, Huh?

Once I have my credit card paid off, I should just close out the account, right? This is an interesting question, and one that causes a lot of confusion for consumers. It just makes logical, intuitive sense to close an … Continue reading

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Quick Post – Home Buying Tip

Get Pre Approved for a mortgage before you call a Realtor and start shopping for your dream home. Many people start by contacting a Realtor and looking at properties.  This is fine if you are a cash buyer.  But if you’ll … Continue reading

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To Refi or Not to Refi – Is that really the question?

With mortgage rates at or near all time lows, that question is being asked thousands of times each day. But a better question might be: Does it make financial sense to refinance right now? There are always a host of … Continue reading

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Ever Wonder How Your Mortgage Rates Are Determined?

Pop Quiz.  Which of the following is a factor in determining your individual mortgage rate? a) Your Loan Term b) Ben Bernanke and the FED c) The little old man behind the green curtain One of the more frequently asked questions … Continue reading

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