House Hunting This Weekend? Take These With You…

The weekend is here!  Time to gas up the car, meet our Realtor, and view some homes.

But first, be sure to grab these two items before you leave:

1) House Hunting Detail List

You are likely to tour several homes during your buying process.  Keeping the details of each property straight in your mind can be difficult.  Take a sheet of paper and list all of the relevant details about the property, neighborhood, and work that needs to be done.

Better yet, contact me, and I’ll send you a detail list to use.

2) Digital Camera

What color was the bathroom tile at 123 Main St?  Did Bayview Pl have an un-obstructed water view?  Or was that Seaside Ave?

When you are looking at many homes, it is easy to have the details blend together.  Take a digital camera or smart phone to snap photos of all important features of the properties.  Also, take pictures of any areas that might require repairs & upgrading.  This will really aid in your discussions and thinking process afterwards…

Happy Hunting!

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2 Responses to House Hunting This Weekend? Take These With You…

  1. This is dead on. So many people come to me for a 2nd look at a property not because they’re interested, but because they can’t remember what it looks like inside. Making lists is excellent as well. Keep up the great content!

  2. Thank you for reading. Will do…

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