Photos Ranked # 1 Tool

A picture is worth a thousand words. It could also be worth a few hundred thousand dollars! If you are listing your house for sale, make sure to include clear photos that show off the attractive parts of your property. Many buyers (myself included) skip over listings that don’t have pics or poorly taken shots of the house…

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Did You Know?Information Buyers Find Very Useful to Their Purchasing Decision

Buyers ranked photos #1 as the most useful tool in their buying decision. *

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One Response to Photos Ranked # 1 Tool

  1. Steve Brooks says:

    When you agree to list your home with a professional realtor, insist they use a professional photographer to properly capture the beauty of your home. The days of having the realtor use a point and shoot camera are over. The photos of your home are all over the local MLS and various sites like etc. Poorly taken photos could be one more reason why you are not getting (much needed) traffic to your home. It is still very much a buyer market, don’t set yourself up for failure with poor quality photos.

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